Dear MoonLifters,

Numerous developments have been taking place over the last weeks and we are proud to finally announce them to our community.

Hold on to the edges of your seat, because MoonLifters everywhere are about to step into their role as galactic saviors.

Millenia of warfare destroyed the essence and energetic core of our galaxy: the SuperNova. With the SuperNova destroyed, all planets have lost their potential for growth.

The Inhabitants of the galaxy suffered as the potential for new planets being born died off and darkness descended upon their worlds. However, this year a beacon of light and hope reached the surface. The SuperNova needs to be fed gems to provide the galaxy with light once again.

A small group of optimistic space travelers will mine gems from all over the universe to set up their own planet and become the only hope for a brighter future. This is where MoonLifters will have a chance to prove themselves as galactic saviors.

Join Moonlift in a quest to revive the galaxy! When?

On Friday 16th July our DEX will be launched with 2 starting features:

  • Our very own uniquely designed swap;
  • Farming, as individuals will be able to stake their tokens to generate rewards in the MLTP/BNB, MLTP/BUSD and BNB/BUSD pools.

Ultimately, this will only be the beginning of a longer process of release for additional features. A lottery, tournaments and an NFT marketplace are just some of the future releases that await, together with a very exciting new concept “Supernova” and our own gaming platform “Play & Earn”. You will be duly informed on how these two future features will function in the near future through dedicated articles.

We hope you are as excited as we are and thank you for your continued support!


The MoonLift Protocol Core Team

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