#MLTPX has been distributed. Kindly add it as custom token to make your holdings visible. Below you can find the ONLY correct new token address: 0x9d7c580e0bc4ea441db96eebc7e1440d264bce51

About MoonLift

Our vision

 Throughout recorded history, passive income has always been the true sign of wealth and financial freedom. It was a privilege that only the few, with considerable investment capital and opportunities, were able to attain. The rest of us were left to pour blood sweat and tears, dreaming and hoping of being on the other side of the financial spectrum.

 Now, things are changing. With Moonlift, we want to transform what was once a dream, into an actionable opportunity for everyone.

How? Learn in depth about how we chose to design our tokenomics to make this possible in our Litepaper!

Our Dex is live!

Polygon integration

We’re very excited to announce that MoonLift Protocol will be launching its DEX and bringing a new version of its original BEP20 token (MLTPX) on Polygon!

MoonLift Protocol will import numerous different features to Polygon, from yield farming options to Lotteries, NFT marketplace, and its very own gaming platform.

In so doing, MoonLift Protocol will expand its reach and audience as well as benefit from the cheaper gas fees. Additionally, the Polygon integration will allow MoonLift Protocol to enjoy a fastly-growing ecosystem that will fuel it by opening up many new opportunities for development.

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Our Team

Jabier Razak

Strategic Advisor


Co-Founder & Marketing Strategist

Logino Dujardin

Co-Founder & Strategic Business & Growth

Jordi Murset

Co-Founder & Front-end developer

Tullio Cavallero

Branding & content


business & development


The Wise Minds

Black Lemon